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Corporate Identity
A Message from the Owner of MiKi Group

"Listen to what wheelchair users are really telling you!" This is what everyone from MiKi believes. It' a simple and basic idea, yet it' the most important foundation to help achieve a happier and higher quality life style for all our wheelchair users.
We provide only the safest and most reliable products by using our advanced technology and state-of-the-art skills to serve our esteemed users.
Our simple wish is to see a big smile on their faces !

CEO Hisayoshi Sato
CEO Hisayoshi Sato
Company Philosophy

We keep working to be loved and trusted by customers from all over the world.

Management Principles

We value our relationship with our customers and we will work to create a comfortable society and environment; we will strive to enhance our creativity and knowledge to provide quality products and superior customer service that meet international standards.

Our Slogans


We consider "Mobility" one of the main factors necessary for quality of life for everyone. We continue to assist in maximizing the activities of those using our products by offering products that meet their individual needs.


We focus on the "Integration" of new technology as we develop our products. We form partnerships with companies in different fields to better our products.
Also the integration between East and West is an important factor to differentiate us from others and to be loved by customers all over the world.


We utilize all of our accumulated "Knowledge" and technologies for producing products in addition to carrying out on-going research on market trends and the latest technologies.


We believe it is our duty to support the "Independence" of those using our products. By understanding individual needs and the level of disability, we try to help our users improve their life style. We attach great importance to close relationships with our customers and to reflect their needs in our products.

Our Dream


To meet more needs at competitive prices, MiKi Group added factories and sales office in Korea and China.
We are gradually and steadily increasing customers in Asia and are planning to introduce our high quality products at reasonable prices to the U.S. and other markets as well. MiKi Group's ultimate goal is to be known all over the world.


1965 MiKi Kogyosho Co., Ltd. was founded as a sheet metal plant, and the first wheelchair prototype was built.
1967 The initial production tooling was done with a pilot run for 10 units.
1970 MiKi started specializing in manufacturing aluminum wheelchairs, and its first wheelchair was put into commercial production.
1985 Monthly production capacity reached 250 units.
1990 MiKi Korea Co., Ltd. was established as a first step of internationalization.
1994 MiKi Corporation was added to MiKi Group to handle wholesale in Japan.
1996 Monthly production capacity reached 3,000 units.
2002 MiKi (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in China, and distribution of our products in Taiwan started through our exclusive distributor.
2004 MiKi Kogyosho Co., Ltd. has received ISO 9001 certification.
2005 MiKi Kogyosho Co., Ltd. has received ISO 13485 certification.
MiKi Corporation opened a few more branches in Japan to offer better services to our customers.
MiKi Group has been working on developing products to meet U.S. standards.
MiKi Mobility (USA) Corporation was registered in Florida to prepare for distribution in the U.S.
2006 Establishment of brand FORCE. Obtainment of ISO13485 certification.
2007 Establishment of Guihai Metal Products Co., Ltd.
2008 Establishment of 2 business operations sites (Sapporo,Hokuetsu)
2009 Relocation of MiKi (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to new plant. Establishment of MiKi Korea Medical Co., Ltd.
2012 Establishment of MiKi Marketing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.